About Us
IntelliSoft LLC is, owned, operated and engineered by Bruno Raeymaekers.

Bruno has been involved in the Software Industry since 1982, about half of
that time running his own consulting business in Belgium and the USA.

Over the years he gained experience in a wide variety of projects and
industries doing mostly custom application development on both the
Windows and Macintosh platforms.

A long-term project required a relocation to Florida in January 2000. When
that project ended in December 2003, he finally found the time again to
completely dedicate himself to what he considers the most fun job that he
can think of: developing software on the Macintosh platform.

It was in this period, starting in January 2004, that the design for InfoValet
got finalized and development started.

He hopes everyone will enjoy using InfoValet as much as he enjoyed
creating it.
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