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May 21, 2007:
Automate Document Capture using  Workflow definitions.

March 04,  2007:
InfoValet now comes with Spotlight integration!!!

January  2007 :  IntelliSoft LLC launches the distribution of  InfoValet  in the US.

Since the introduction of personal computers in the early 1980's, the Operating
System's file storage has been based on a single name and a single location to
organize your documents. While this might have been an adequate solution 20
years ago, today we need better tools with more sophisticated features in order to
be able to manage the exponentially growing flood of information that comes to us
InfoValet provides you with a tool set that enables you to store your
digital information in a much more flexible way and to
find and group your
documents easier then ever with little extra effort, regardless whether the document
is a
physical file, an e-mail or contact information.
InfoValet overcomes the limitation of “one name per file” by allowing you to assign
metadata” to every document you import into the InfoValet database. This
"metadata" consists of a
subject line and a nearly unlimited number of key
, which will help you later in finding your documents. Once a document is in
the database, simply select it and Option double-click to modify or extend the initial
"metadata". Of course all this "metadata" would lead to nothing unless InfoValet
came with a search engine that uses it to go and hunt for that specific document
that otherwise would remain hidden somewhere in the darkest corner of your hard
To overcome the “one location per file” limitation,
InfoValet allows you to set up a
virtual folder structure. Once imported in the InfoValet database, you can store any
document in as many virtual folders as you like, without duplicating any information.
The only thing stored in the virtual folder is a reference to the original document.
Storing or moving documents around in the virtual folder structure is done by a
simple drag and drop.
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